The Hurricane is a rather sweet cocktail, which is prepared with rum, lemon juice, orange juice and passion fruit syrup.


6 cl

Jamaican Rum

6 cl

White Rum

3 cl

Orange Juice

3 cl

Lime Juice

1.5 cl

Sugar Syrup (1:1)

1.5 cl

Grenadine Syrup

2 cl

Passionfruit Syrup


Add all the ingredients to your cocktail shaker

Step 1

Shake & strain over ice into a hurricane glass

Step 2

Garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry

Step 3


The Hurricane is an iconic tropical cocktail that you should know how to make. It's a fun, rum-filled drink that features the captivating pairing of passion fruit and orange juices. Although it looks and tastes pretty complicated, with a mix of sweet tropical flavors, tart lime, and spiced rum, it's actually pretty easy to make.


5 min